7 Reasons Why IT Managed Services Outperforms Hiring In-House

With Your Business In Mind

More and more small business owners are choosing a Jacksonville managed IT services provider over hiring an IT department in-house. While the reasons for this are innumerable, we’re going to focus on 7 of the main reasons for outsourcing. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of managed IT services vs in-house IT:

24/7 Support

While your in-house employees have finished up for their day, your business will still need protection after hours. Even after your last employee clocks out, a Jacksonville managed IT services provider will still defend your business. Should your business fall prey to a cyber attack, you need a quick response to mitigate the damage.

At Techsperts, we fortify our customers’ networks and we continually monitor them and react in a timely manner. One of the greatest benefits of our services is having the peace of mind knowing that when hackers or network issues strike, we have got you covered.

Greater Efficiency

While some of the clients that we serve actually do have their own IT staff, they find it more efficient to collaborate with a managed services provider. Often times, their employees may lack the skills or knowledge to handle the entire network on their own. Managing your IT department can be seen as a collaborative effort, where in-house employees are responsible for certain operations and allow a Jacksonville managed IT services provider to take the helm for others.

Outsourcing ensures that you have an extra team available when disaster strikes, and it serves to provide you with the latest technologies that will improve your uptime and efficiency, for example; backup and recovery tools, cloud computing, remote monitoring, and management.

Greater Security and Compliance

Technology has moved past simply relying on computers to transmit data. Many devices can access sensitive information in your database, like tablets and smartphones. Securing these devices becomes critical given that they may store information pertaining to your business.

A managed service provider specializes in the realm of compliance and security, and it is their job to make their clients aware of emerging risks and any changes in compliance codes that might affect their business. Certain industries like healthcare and legal are tightly regulated and compliance violations can cost a fortune. The benefits of managed IT services greatly outweigh the costs of a security breach or a compliance violation.


Proactive Maintenance

Running a business takes time, effort, and focus. Many times, assessing and remediating your IT infrastructure falls very low on a business's priority list. Unfortunately, if your business relies heavily upon technology, then you are doing yourself a disservice by not focus on your IT infrastructure. Factors like outdated equipment and software can hinder a business and cause bottlenecks and create inefficiencies. A competent Jacksonville managed IT services provider can routinely assess your infrastructure and maintain it as needed.

Cost Effectiveness and Greater ROI

A competent managed services provider will be able to explain to you what type of investments are needed to upgrade your infrastructure and the results that your investments should return. MSPs also offer greater flexibility and scalability needed to grow or scale back your network as necessary as compared to the in-house option. Many small businesses find that it is easier to project their monthly IT costs while working with managed services vs in-house IT.

Free Up Internal Staff

Businesses run well when everyone specializes in their craft. By making your staff responsible for managing IT, you might be stretching them out too thin. Hiring an MSP allows your staff to focus on their strengths, while we handle the maintenance of your network. By focusing your employee’s efforts where they belong, you will reap greater returns and can spend more time on strategic planning.

Access to Innovation

Given the specialist nature of a Jacksonville managed IT services provider, you can expect greater skills and resources to implement new technologies sooner, allowing you to exploit a first-mover advantage from innovations like the cloud, analytics, and mobility that can provide new value.

A managed service provider also allows you to implement these innovations at a lower cost, given that they had to make the initial investment in the technology, implementation, and training.

Adding an expert IT team in-house can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year; by hiring an MSP, you can benefit from that same level of knowledge, experience, and expertise for just a fraction of the cost. In addition to the explicit savings, you cannot overlook the implicit savings (greater efficiency) as well as the potential for increased revenue that you can earn by focusing your team more on accomplishing your mission statement as opposed to maintaining your IT infrastructure.

If you would like a closer examination of the benefits of hiring managed services vs in-house IT, give Techsperts a call today. We will be happy to go over our practices and how we can serve you. To truly understand and appreciate all of the benefits of managed IT services, you have to try them out. Give us a call, we are here for you.