June, 16 2016

Managing Productivity with Google for Work

Want to keep everyone on the same page? Google Apps for Work keeps everyone productive, no matter from where they are working.

Gallup recently released a report stating that 37% of American workers have telecommuted to work at least once. According to the same source, American workers spend, on average, about two days per month working remotely.

In your company, you may not have a regular telecommuter. But from time to time all of us need to work away from work. Whether we’re out doing an onsite visit or are at home with a sick kid, sometimes the office is inaccessible. But business doesn’t have to stop, if you’re using Google Apps for Work.

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June, 14 2016

Managing Information with Google for Work

Using Google’s Search for Work helps you and your customers find information when it’s needed — without the hassle of using advanced search techniques.

If you think about it, a huge part of our working day comes down to managing information. Whether we’re getting the word out via our websites, blogs, or social media accounts; making a sales call; or handling a customer service inquiry, it all comes down to processing information. Add in the time we spend looking up retailers, suppliers, and vendors, and you can see why managing how we search for facts is huge.

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