June, 28 2017

Four Things to Know About How SEO Really Works

You know that SEO is important, but you’re not really sure how it works? You’re not alone.  We’ve got your answers right here.

If you’ve read our previous post, What Is Search Engine Optimization, you already know that SEO is what ranks your website at the top of the list – or somewhere in the middle.  And you may know that choosing and placing keywords that describe your business is important. 

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June, 27 2017

Four Times When Saving Money Is a Bad Idea

Is your business on a budget? These days, every business is. While it’s a good idea for small businesses to save money, sometimes going the cheap route is not.  

What’s your favorite thing to spend money on? Battling IT problems? Keeping up to date with all the tech and social media trendsetters? How about the really fun stuff, like your accountant or your cleaning service?

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June, 26 2017

What Is Business Intelligence?

 It’s been awhile since we’ve had a pop quiz on this blog. Let’s have one now. Without resorting to a quick Google search, would you say that Business Intelligence is:

A) Common sense for businesses
B) Extremely rare, if it exists at all
C) Something to do with computers
D) Defined by Wikipedia as “the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes”
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June, 08 2017

Do You Need an IT Manager?

Small-business owners and operators may not think they need to hire an IT manager. After all, a small business is just that—small. Perhaps you have a total staff of 10 or 15, with one person filling in as your chief IT guru in between their regular duties. (And hey, this setup is pretty common and workable.) Before we reveal the answer to this question, we’ll pose another: how big can a small business be?

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March, 01 2017

Spring Cleaning For Your PC

Every year, treat your PC to the same TLC that your closet gets – a bit of decluttering.

This time of year, the birds are singing again, warm weather is on its way back to the northern parts of the nation, and the more diligent of us are cleaning out our closets and cupboards, removing a year’s accumulation of detritus and making room for this year’s must-haves.

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July, 30 2014

Four IT Careers You’re Probably OK Not Doing

Even if you love your work, there are days when you want to do anything rather than sit at your computer, drive around making sales calls, or do whatever it is that earns the weekly paycheck. You may even find yourself hitting Craigslist or the job boards, just to see what other fish are in the employment ocean.

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