Staying connected isn’t an option –

It’s a necessity! Whether you work from home, occasionally do work at your home office, or simply use your home IT system to stay in touch with family and friends, you need to know that it will be there when you need it.

How Techsperts Residential Services Work

Techsperts residential IT service uses the same process for our residential customers and our business customers. It starts with listening and understanding what you expect from your current IT setup. We then assess how well your system is meeting your needs, and we suggest additional measures to keep your computers and other devices secure and stable.

And then we handle it from there. Time spent installing upgrades and performing routine maintenance becomes time spent enjoying life. No more frustrating hours on the phone with tech support or your Internet Service Provider. No more wondering when the next IT hiccup will strike. At Techsperts, we take care of that for you, and you can relax, knowing your IT problems will be solved.

Above all, Techsperts Residential IT Service is flexible. It’s your home and your unique IT requests. We’ll use both proven technology and brand new solutions to make sure it works the way you want it to.

Are you ready to give your home the same level of IT support as your business? 30966267_s.jpgAre you ready to let someone else deal with the hassle of troubleshooting and maintaining your residential computing setup? Give Techsperts a call and find out how our team can keep your home connected.

Why Use Residential IT Services?

For busy people like you, time is money. So don’t waste your valuable time looking after your home computing needs. Techsperts offers the same caliber of IT services to our residential clients that we do to our business clients. Consider our staff to be your on-call IT support team. We’ll work with you to make sure your home computing needs are met.



Select your residential plan!


Hourly Rate

$50 per hour

Perfect for those one time jobs, that you need done to enjoy your free time. Response time is usually 24-48 hours

Monthly Rate

$50 per month

Frustrated from fixing your family’s tech? This is a great solution for a full house that doesn’t have a business budget.

Yearly Rate

$500 per year

Working from home and need everything working flawlessly? Sign up for this and see response times under 12 hours.