The Costs of Neglecting Computer Repair Service and Maintenance


Are you putting off that computer repair in order to save a few bucks? You might want to rethink your strategy because neglecting computer repair is doing just about everything BUT keeping money in your pocket. According to the Aberdeen Group, a well-respected international business intelligence outlet, computer downtime costs businesses an average of 1.5 million dollars per year!

But that’s not all, Gartner, another research group with similar status, reports that an unmanaged computer costs a business about 5,000 dollars a year in productivity. Furthermore, some figures suggest that each computer issue takes about 200 minutes of an employee’s time to resolve, or over three hours. If your employees work an 8-hour shift, that means they spend nearly half of their day troubleshooting computer issues. Do they have time-sensitive projects to complete? You can say goodbye to those deadlines if they do, and you might be waving goodbye to those clients after the fact. You need the best computer repair Jacksonville FL services to help you get your get back up and running. Call us today!