Cybersecurity Services

Choose from any of our Cybersecurity services that fit your one-time or ongoing needs.

Cybersecurity Audit

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Find your weaknesses

With our in-depth Cybersecurity audit, we'll find out the weaknesses and intrusion points with our deep learning software.

Ransomware Recovery

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Getting you back online, fast.

Ransomware tends to strike at the worst times. Removing your systems after an attack and restoring life back to normal is our primary focus during these incidents.


Success Rate

There hasn't been an intrusion that Techspert Services wasn't able to handle. We have successfully removed and restored data to all of the clients we've serviced for Ransomware Recovery.


of clients get back online in a few hours.

On average, the majority of our clients see a full restoration of their systems only a few hours into the breach.

Phishing Training

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Empower your employees

Our robust phishing simulation campaigns allows users to become the strongest line of defense against security intrusions like ransomware.

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