Security Audit

Find out what vulnerabilities expose you and your business to risk.

Cyber Security Audit - An IT Security Audit Provides Clarity

An IT Security Audit provides clarity

Knowledge is power. Understanding your current infrastructure and its vulnerabilities can better prepare you and your team for active and retroactive defense against cyberthreats. During the audit, we aim to answer the following questions:

  • Are there any vulnerabilities in your current security protocols?
  • Are there any extra software or processes that do not assist in security?
  • Are you prepared to defend against security threats and recover critical business operations in the event of a data breach or system outage?
  • Once we discover the security weak spots, what do you do to solve these issues?

Steps to Success

Step 1

Identify the Parameters of the Audit

We get a clear picture of what we're going to look at in your specific systems. 

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Step 1
Step 2

Plan the Audit

Step by step we organize how we're going to audit your systems to prevent downtime and employee distractions.

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Step 2
Step 3

Perform the Audit

We get to work on identifying the vulnerabilities and thoroughly document our findings.

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Step 3
Step 4

After-action Report

We present our findings along with recommended solutions for resolving the vulnerability.

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Step 4
Step 5

Resolving the Vulnerabilities

After approval, we get to work sealing the vulnerabilities outlined in the report.

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Step 5
Cyber Security Audit - What would you do if..

What would you do if...

  • You were locked out of your server and had to pay a ransom to retrieve the information?
  • An employee submitted their admin credentials to a malicious actor?
  • You or any of your employees could not access their computers?
  • Your network shut down?

All of the above are signs of a cyberattack. An IT security audit can help identify the weak points in your network and infrastructure to help prevent and stop cyberattacks before they affect the business.

Numbers don't lie

The average financial cost of cyber attacks to a US small business over 12 months is high at $25,612. (Hiscox, 2021)


Of the 37% of businesses hit with Ransomware last year, 54% of cybercriminals succeeding in encrypting the data. (Sophos, 2021)


32% of businesses hit with Ransomware paid the ransom, but only 65% of the businesses had their data restored after the encryption. (Sophos, 2021)

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