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Managed Service Providers in Orlando

As a small business owner, the last thing you want to do is to be in charge of your own IT department. On top of everything else you're doing, managing an internal IT team can be a big drain on your time, manpower, and budget. However, making sure that you have a strong IT team in place is critical to the foundation of your business. So how do you manage your IT infrastructure without stretching yourself thin?

The answer lies in managed IT support. Outsourcing to a managed services provider is a cost effective way to getting the essential IT services you need like management of your data, maintenance of your online presence, protection of your network, and protection of your data. But, you can't rely on just any IT company. You need the help of a reliable managed services company to handle your IT needs.

That's where we come in. Techspert Services is a Florida based firm offering IT solutions to businesses in central Florida. As one of the leading managed service providers in Orlando, we are equipped to tackle the biggest IT challenges of our clients. Our team consists of experts that are in the forefront of the IT industry and know how to deal with the most difficult IT situations.

Orlando Managed Services for Your Most Pressing Hosting Needs

A big part of the challenge with IT is making sure that you get the right kind of server hosting and infrastructure solutions for your data. Yes, there are many hosting companies that offer a wide variety of hosting solutions. But very few put in the effort of taking your data seriously. You want somebody by your side that's going to prioritize things like security, performance, and scalability.

Techspert Services takes all of these things into consideration. If you need a solution that offers high uptime, outstanding performance, and scalability, our private cloud services is the perfect answer to all your needs. Cloud hosting comes with many advantages and very few cons. You are not limited to a physical server and you can easily adapt to different situations.

For instance, you can manage costs by only consuming the resources you need. Many businesses with seasonal promotions will save money by using less resources during off peak months and scaling back up during peak months. And if you need more resources for your business, there's no need to migrate your data to new servers. Cloud hosting allows you to get the resources you need instantly.

If you have existing hardware but need somebody to help manage your data, we can help you with our location services. We have our own data center facilities in place so that you don't have to run the server in your own data center. There's no need to have an in-house IT team when you have experts managing your servers around the clock.

The Importance of IT Security Today

The threat of hackers, viruses, and cyber attacks is increasing with each passing year. It seems like every year there's a major data breach of a big company that results in sensitive company information and customer data being stolen or leaked. This usually results in the company seeing a huge drop in their valuation, losing the trust of their customers, and experiencing a big decline in their brand equity.

it company in orlando techspert servicesThe damage that results from these attacks cannot be underestimated. IBM reported that the average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million dollars. They also reported that each stolen record cost an average of $148. This means a record of just 10,000 customers translates to a cost of $1.48 million dollars. For small and medium sized businesses, this is a massive loss.

And these figures do not even consider the cost of removing your virus infections, getting your network back up, and fixing your vulnerabilities. The best way to prevent these kinds of attacks from happening is to make sure you have a secure system in the first place. You want to work with experts that really know how to manage and protect your IT infrastructure.

Our Orlando Managed IT Services Can Secure Your Network

Security is the most important aspect of maintaining your network. Normal consumer antivirus solutions simply do not cut it when it comes to protecting your network. You need a custom multi-layer network security system that can prevent viruses, malware and spyware from infecting and spreading throughout your network.

That's why our Orlando managed services team approaches security according to the needs of our clients, the infrastructure they have in place, and their future expansion plans. A big part of securing your networks begins with email security and the everyday applications you use in your business. These points are usually the most vulnerable to attacks.

As a result, we employ the most cutting edge cyber security measures and systems to fix existing vulnerabilities, install advanced security systems, set up the right security procedures, and monitor your network 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The alternative is to put all your trust into an IT manager who may or may not know how to really build a secure system.

Protect Your Data from the Worst Case Scenarios

We also offer the most advanced technology solutions to protect your data. Anything from server crashes, application inconsistencies, migration efforts, power outages, to viruses can devastate your data. That's why we employ a regular data backup schedule to ensure that your latest data is accessible. We also make use of multiple backup recovery storage solutions to ensure that all your eggs aren't put in one basket.

orlando managed it services techsperts servicesWe'll also be there every step of the way in aiding you with any kind of disaster recovery efforts. We have a team of experts that can get to your backup data and/or physical server so that you can get your website and database up and running as quickly as possible. While we have a strategy in place to ensure business continuity in a worst case scenario, we also go the extra mile to making sure that crashes, power outages, and system failures don't happen in the first place.


Optimize Your IT Procedures for Optimal Performance, Execution, and Security

A big part of improving your IT infrastructure is making sure that it is optimized for performance and security. For instance, if you are installing a new firewall or updating an application, it may result in errors or inconsistencies with other systems. Do you have a protocol in place that allows you to test new changes without affecting the existing system?

What about how your employees access your network? Do you have systems in place that follow strict rules for remote access? Are you blocking the usage of certain applications that are potential security threats? A lack of awareness about these types of things is usually what leads to security breaches. You need to work with an experienced IT company to figure all of these things out and properly protect your network.

In many cases, companies do not have any policies, protocols, or systems in place. And in the cases where companies do have these procedures in place, they are often out of date or not implemented correctly.

Working with a Managed IT Service Provider is an Investment in Your Company

It's important to understand that value of outsourcing to a managed service IT firm. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire, train, and manage your own in-house team of IT professionals. Outsourcing to our company also allows you to focus on your core competencies. You have a limited amount of resources to work with, so why invest your resources into something that you don't excel in?

Let the Techsperts team manage all your IT needs. Call us today at 407-554-5304 to learn more about how we can solve your biggest IT challenges. We offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry. You won't find an IT company in Orlando that has our level of expertise and offers our level of service.

We also offer other services such as IT server support, server repair, and VOIP phone services.