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We offer a No Risk FREE evaluation and quote. Send your drive to us, we will evaluate your drive and then get back to you with a quote before we begin the recovery process.

If you decline service after the quote, we return the drive to you at no charge.




Data recovery is a salvage process. Once your drive is stabilized our recovery equipment allows us to get the best possible read on a drive. In most cases, we are able to read 99+% of the drive.

What turnaround time can I expect?

Approximately 30% of our recoveries complete within 36 hours. The turnaround time depends upon the service required and the condition of the drive. 


How will you return my data?

We will transfer your recovered data to a new external drive. You have the option of providing one or purchasing one from us. If you purchase a drive from us, you may select the drive during your online registration.


Is my data private?

Data security is the foundation of our business. Data Savers LLC has successfully recovered data for thousands of different clients including individuals, corporations, government agencies, hospitals, schools, and law enforcement agencies. Everyone’s data is important and securely protected by our processes and in compliance with HIPAA standards.


Let Our Experts

SAVE Your Data

Our expertise is recognized by clients who ship us drives from all over the world, as well as by other data recovery firms who send us difficult and challenging cases. Our staff provides the benefit of decades of experience in computer science, technology, and customer service.

What is "Data Recovery"?

Data Recovery is the process of salvaging data from a damaged hard drive or other storage device. Although we often read more than 99% of a failed drive, the range is from 0 – 100%, depending upon the degree of damage. Each case is different. However, our specialized recovery equipment and experienced technicians enable us to get the best possible recovery for you.

Send Us Your Drive

Ship* us your drive, our technicians will examine it for FREE and provide you with a flate rate (no hidden costs) estimate. (*FREE UPS Ground shipping in continental U.S.)

We Go To Work

After you receive your estimate, with your approval our experts will get to work on recovering your data using drive repair and recovery techniques developed over many years to get the highest recovery success rate possible.

Get Your Data Back

We will transfer your recovered data to a new external drive, ship* it back to you and let you get back in business!

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