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Google for Work provides the freedom to work the way you live, so you can make great things happen, from wherever. Not to mention, how it can streamline your business team's productivity and reduce your IT support costs.

Learn how the right private cloud services, paired with the right managed IT services can benefit your small business.

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Managed Network Services

Business network downtime is catastrophic to a business’s bottom line and reputation. Datto Networking was designed to serve businesses that need an always connected business network and proactive monitoring. We are an authorized Datto dealer providing Managed IT Services to the Jacksonville, Florida area.

Managed IT Services

Instant Virtualization

Virtualize your entire business structure for disaster recovery. Locally or in a secure cloud environment in as little as 6 seconds. Now data backup is immediately accessible for restore by physical servers , even before replacement disks arrive in the mail. We are an authorized VMware dealer serving Jacksonville, Florida area.

Managed IT Services

Emsisoft Business Antivirus

Everything your business needs for cyber security in one package. Leave nothing to chance with powerful antivirus, cyber security data, and identity protection for your day to day operations. We are an authorized partner in Jacksonville, Florida area to deploy Emsisoft solutions.

Protect Yourself

Managed IT Services Jacksonville

A small business owner must wear many hats, they are often a jack of all trades (and a master of none). While small businesses strive to manage their budget and reduce their expenses as much as possible, IT infrastructure is not something you want to skimp on. Having a competent IT team in place should disaster recovery occur, it can make or break a company.

When disaster recovery is required, you need a team that you can count on to respond quickly and mitigate the damage. Hiring multiple IT personnel to assemble your own IT department can cost you hundreds of thousands each year. Fortunately, this is not necessary! For just a small fraction of the cost, you can reap the benefits of having a team of IT professionals..

Our experts provide a level of IT support and disaster recovery that is second to none. Today’s digital landscape can be a treacherous one, and every business must approach their IT setup with caution. We believe in proactive monitoring your business network around the clock and remain responsive to any irregularities. While your employees are clocking out for the day, we are still in the office defending your business network from potential attacks.

Managed IT Services

Knowledge and Experience

While your employees may know a bit about managing your IT infrastructure, proactive monitoring, and data backup are our specialty.
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Run your business again

If you try to multitask and solve every problem on your own - you might find that you will stretch yourself out too thin.
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Gain First-Mover Advantages

Partnering with a managed IT services provider is the best way to adopt the latest technologies early on.
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Techsperts Talk VOIP

Crystal clear voice, innovative features, uninterrupted service, and exceptional support are at the core of our private label VoIP solution. Every moving part is methodically designed to ensure a quality customer experience. All our voice services are backed by major Tier 1 Carriers and delivered via route optimized bandwidth. We offer VoIP services to the Jacksonville, Florida area.

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Total Data Protection Platform

Designed from the ground up which translates into cost efficiency, performance, scalability and extensibility for your data backup.

New Datto innovations

Additional groundbreaking services and solution, for business-building data backup platform expansion well into the future.

Managed IT Services
Protect your Data
with Datto hardware

Managed Cloud Services

Build and scale your Jacksonville, Florida area businesses faster by leveraging the latest cloud services. We have experience in deployments, migrations, data backup, disaster recovery, and management of many of the latest and most cost effective platforms.

Managed IT Services

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What are Managed IT Services?

In the technology world, many people think they easily understand the term "managed IT services," but when they're prompted to define it, they have a hard time doing so. What does it mean to receive managed services for a system or set of systems? What does a managed services provider (MSP) do when they manage your environment for you? Contact us today to learn more!

Managed IT Services

Network Security

Techspert Services provides the complete spectrum of managed services and solutions needed for operating, administering, and defending complex enterprise networks.  Our managed network services reduce total cost of ownership while also ensuring system and network availability, information protection, and assured information delivery.

Our network engineers, security specialists, and program managers are experienced with advanced networks, and are certified in the leading tools, technologies, and best practices for network management and administration.   We ensure the consistency and continuity of network management services required in today’s mission-critical network environments.

Techspert Services provides situational awareness of your networks, including users, systems, and security posture.  Using standard management tools and common data information exchange formats, we monitor the performance of your networks and the information they carry to enable rapid response to new conditions, environments, and threats.

Protecting your network and data from virus, hacker, spam, phishing and other attacks requires a multi-layered approach to counter the steadily increasing sophistication of the dark side.

We offer a suite of Information Security products and services to help you information secure and protect your Internet communications such as email, instant messaging and Web browsing. We will consult with you and recommend a package that is customized for your needs and budget.

Managed IT Services

Email Protection

Email Protection stops spam, viruses and phishing scams from reaching your network and getting into your email inbox. Various spam and Directory Harvest Attacks on your network are stopped before they reach your infrastructure, saving valuable network bandwidth.

Email Archiving

 Email Archive allows your organization to securely archive and store all email communications. Authorized users can search and retrieve any email for compliance or regulatory requirements across the entire organization.

Web Filtering

Web Protection stops malicious Web content from being downloaded and enhances productivity by blocking programs or viruses. Web protection also helps reduce legal liabilities by blocking inappropriate sites and content. Comprehensive reports allow you to monitor Web traffic and adjust your policies based on usage.